Welcome to Cheap Bike Tubes

Welcome to Cheap Bike Tubes, your home for quality road bicycle tube at affordable prices and free shipping.

Solving a problem that plagues all cyclists, Cheap Bike Tubes makes it easy to always have tubes and cartridges handy. We never had tubes and CO2 cartridges when we needed them, and we always felt like the price of them was just extravagant for what they are. Not that we mind shelling out our cash on what matters – high quality tires, the best bibs we can afford and saving for nice wheels and components….but a rubber (butyl actually, but never mind that) tube? A tube that we, more likely than not, was going to pass along a friend anyhow, and a CO2 cartridge thrown to the stubborn friend who fixes flats with a small portable pump (read: you are tired of sitting in the heat with them waiting for the verdict that the tire is finally full).

So, here we are. We love our bike shops and love to support them. At CBT, we just think there is a better way to stay in stock with these small necessities - and save money and time.

Our goal is to support road cyclists with tubes, CO2 and maybe later on, occasional seasonal items that we need to stock up on at the beginning of each season. For that reason, we only carry one tube – one that will fit your road bike and one CO2 that will fill that tube. You can buy in quantities of six or twelve. With twelve for more, you get free shipping. With six tubes, we ask you to pitch in $5 per order to offset shipping.

Welcome, and we look forward to getting to know you more.

Your friends at Cheap Bike Tubes,

Monica Parker