Local versus Local - which do you choose?

The thought process on whether to try to buy local products from local businesses is now so ingrained in my daily habits. Will I spend double to do business locally? No, but I will call the business, do more research and put in some extra effort to support local business. You too? I'm guessing yes for most of you.

Changing gears, the internet business has changed so very much. Ten years ago, we were shopping on eBay sites from around the globe and no one we really knew was selling their stuff online.

Fast forward and probably 75% of your friends have sold something online. If you look closely at the eBay stores and Amazon stores, you will often find a local, small business behind the scenes, sometimes in your own backyard.

Now, the argument is this: do we support our local brick and mortar because that's what we think we've been taught to do? Or is it just important to support your local online businesses? (Disclaimer that I run an online business, but you already knew that)

I'm not saying one is more important than the other, and there are arguments that the local brick and mortar employees more folks, pays more taxes and definitely has more expenses. I am only saying Local versus Local - we're both important.