How to use a CO2 Cartridge

A CO2 Cartridge can save you time when you're changing a flat tire on the road. 

Here's how to use a CO2 Cartridge properly.

If you're new to road biking or like to do it the old-fashioned way, you may not know what or why we are selling a tube of air alongside a bike tube.

We understand if you don't dig cartridges - it's a personal preference):

You will need an inflator for your Cheap Bike Tubes cartridge. These can be ordered online or picked up in your bike shop. Before you head out on the road with it, take a look to see how it operates so you'll look like a pro!

Step 1: Install the Co2 cartridge into the inflator and make sure the seal is punctured on the cartridge

Step 2: Open your bike tire valve and place the CO2 inflator on your valve. Use short bursts of Co2 with one hand on the tire to monitor the flow.

Step 4: When your tire reaches the appropriate firmness, simply remove the inflator from your valve and re-mount your wheel.

Step 5:  Many of our friends are adamant to deflate your tire completely when you get home and re-fill with a standard floor pump because CO2 leaks out faster than oxygen. We get busy and lazy and often don't do this. We pump our tires to pressure every single ride and don't notice a difference.

Step 6: Dispose or recycle of your spent CO2 cartridges accordingly. (please don't leave them out on the road!)

Now, you're all set! Need some advice on how to change a tire. Click here! 

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