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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please reach out if you have other questions or feedback! 

Here's a few questions that you may have, and we'll add as you ask us more questions.

  • What payment type may I use? PayPal, Amazon and all major credit cards. 
  • What size tubes do you carry? We stock only 700c 18-23 Butyl Road Bike Tubes with 60 mm threaded Presta valves. 60 mm will fit all but the deepest dish tires, and if you have those, you and your wallet know it. And ,you can use a valve extender with no problem.
  • Can I use a 23mm tube in a 25mm tire? Absolutely! The tube will inflate to fill the tire. Also a 23mm tube weighs less than a 25mm tube.
  • What is a CO2 Cartridge? CO2 cartridges are small metal containersthat hold highly pressurized CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas. The ones we use are specifically for bicycles.  Ours is 16g which is the most standard size and most commonly purchased.
  • How are your products shipped? The tubes will each come in their own box. The cartridges are awesomely packaged by the six pack so you won't have them rolling around everywhere. 
  • What shipping options do you offer? We ship all orders using USPS Parcel Post which means you should have your order on your doorstep within five business days. We'll keep you up to date by only sending you a shipped notification once your products are in the mail along with your tracking number. Putting CO2 cartridges on an airplane is still taboo although legal so we're keeping it simple.
  • Where do you ship? We ship to the lower 48 states and DC. Currently, we are not shipping overseas, Alaska or Hawaii. Reach out with your location, and we'll certainly consider it.
  • What is your return policy? First off, just like balloons, tubes are going to pop, burst, leak etc. However, we offer you 100% of our assurance that our tubes and cartridges are equal quality to what you're buying currently (and the chances are they are made in the exact same factory). If you've got an issue, just let us know, we'll make it right. 
  • How do I store your tubes and cartridges? I won't say just like you do now because we all have friends who has had them in the trunk of their car for five years. Tubes and cartridges are not meant to live in very hot places (like your car). Please keep your tube in its box until you're ready to load it into your saddle bag or on your tire - same pretty much goes for the cartridges.
  • Will you ever carry kid bike tubes, mountain bike tubes or other types of tires? We have no plans of this but please send us your feedback. There are too many types of all those others, and although we have kids and love to mountain bike, road bikes are just kinda of our thing.